you are my wild: week 3

This week, Nora and I went on a little trip to visit my mother and grandma.  They don't live very far away, but my grandma is 96 and can no longer travel.  I feel extremely grateful for these visits and this time that Nora gets to spend time with both of these lovely ladies. To see more beautiful portraits, please stop by You Are My Wild.

52 Week Full-21


Regardless what the future holds, I am always going to be grateful for 2012.  It was my first full year working as a photographer and important to me in so many ways.  So much thanks to all of my clients.  You have made what seemed, at times, like such a pipe dream actually come true.  Thank you for opening up your homes and allowing me into your lives.  Thank you so very much.  

Snippets of Nora

2012 was an incredible year for my business.  Just incredible.  But, before I post some client favorites from this past year, I thought I'd put up a few of my original muse. Some snippets from her year.

Nora is brave, feisty, smart, sweet, and, apparently, not all that modest.

I cannot wait to see what 2013 has in store for this girl.

the one I keep going back to | vienna, v.a. newborn and family photographer

I always have a favorite image or two from each session.  Sometimes, they are the same ones that the family loves. Sometimes, they are not. Right now, I am in the middle of editing a recent newborn session and I just keep coming back to this image. It is by no means perfect. The focus is soft on the girls' hands and the composition could be better. But, despite all of its imperfections, I am so drawn to this picture. Maybe it is because we are in the midst of trying to grow our little family of three. And, in this picture, I see what I hope my own future will look like. Maybe, it is because the older child is so young that she can't possibly fully understand her new position in her expanding family, and, yet, she already has so much love for her tiny sister. Maybe, it is because it is simply a sweet moment.Whatever the reason, I love this image.  It is a favorite.