you are my wild: week 28

It took us some time, a lot of disappointment, and a bit of luck to have Nora.  So, when we decided to try to expand our little family of three, we knew that it could mean, once again, having our hopes unavoidably soar with expectation and anticipation only to come crashing down month after month.  But, the second time, you are more prepared.  You have built-up sturdier defenses around your heart.  You are more insulated from the pain of letdown.  And, of course, you already have one beautiful baby that you love so much more than you ever knew was possible.  So, when it appeared that your luck may have run out, you tried, very sincerely to accept and enjoy everything that is good about being three.  And, there was a lot.  So much.  But, deep inside, you never gave up holding onto that hope.  Then, one morning, when you least expect it, you find out that you will soon be four.  Though, until that day arrives, it seems that Nora intends to take full advantage of being an only child by enjoying those baby toys herself.
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