you are my wild: weeks 4 + 5

When we were brainstorming about this project, we never could have anticipated how many people would relate to it.  be inspired by it.  follow along with it.  We are feeling so very flattered and so very grateful for all of the attention our Wild project has received. And, on a personal level, I don't think that I ever could have realized how important the project would become to me.  Certainly, I get frustrated sometimes trying to take portraits of perhaps the most uncooperative of toddler models.  But, this project motivates me to keep trying when otherwise I might just put my camera down.  Week after week, these little snippets and glimpses and moments are growing into a collection that means the world to me.  both now and when she is grown.

Here are my images from the last two weeks.  To see all the rest, go here.

week 4: twins.




week 5: that ever elusive nap.