two! | virginia, maryland and washington, dc family photographer

Today, our baby girl turns two!  This fact has pretty much leaves me at a loss for words.  Fortunately, I came across a sweet poem that captures my thoughts perfectly:

'words can be worrisome, people complex; motives and manners unclear.
grant her the wisdom to choose her path right, free from unkindness and fear.
let her tell stories, and dance in the rain, somersaults, tumble and run;
her joys must be high as her sorrows are deep, let her grow like a weed in the sun. help her to help herself, help her to stand, help her to lose, and to find.
teach her we’re only as big as our dreams,  show her that fortune is blind. truth is a thing she must find for herself, precious, and rare as a pearl; give her all these, and a little bit more, gifts for a blueberry girl.'

blueberry girl by neil gaiman

We had a little backyard party for her this past weekend.  I was so busy enjoying our friends and family that I have hardly any pictures.  But, after all of our guests had gone home, I bribed my little blueberry girl with a macaroon or three and took a few images before taking down the decorations.

Happy Birthday, Nora!