little boots

A while back, I kept up a personal blog.  It was during the time that we were trying to start our family.  At first, I wasn't terribly comfortable with the idea of sharing the more private parts of my life to the internet.  But, to my surprise, I found that the words came quite naturally. I stopped updating that space around the time my daughter was born.  Life just got too busy.

Now, I find myself writing this blog.  But, I've been struggling with what to post here.  So far, I've kept it strictly to photography and it's started to feel a little limited.  Instead, I'm thinking that I'd rather try to document both the personal and the professional here.

So, for my initial less-photography-focused post, I give you my daughter's new moccasins.  Finding proper soles on tiny shoes required some persistence, but I think all that cuteness was worth the search.